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Lawn Sprinkler Repair and Troubleshooting

Do you need lawn sprinkler repair in Weirton, WV? Irrigation systems provide several benefits for your yard. If you wish to keep your yard looking lush and healthy, you need to provide it with the proper nutrients, which includes water. Aside from promoting the health of your lawn, a sprinkler system also helps free up time out of your busy schedule. The system waters the lawn for you so that you do not have to deal with it or set reminders.

When your sprinklers malfunction, it is important to invest in lawn sprinkler repair as soon as possible. Call us today at 1-855-661-3672 for sprinkler repair Weirton, WV.

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Irrigation Controllers Weirton, WV

Irrigation Controller Repair Weirton, WVDo you need irrigation controller replacement Weirton, WV? Many irrigation systems operate using a timed controller. The timer activates the irrigation system at a certain time and then shuts it off after a specified amount of time has passed. Unfortunately, the controller can malfunction, which can interrupt the watering of your lawn. Take a look at the controller to make sure the display reads the correct time and date.

In all likelihood, you have a digital controller. Before the 1980s, mechanical controllers were all the rage, but digital controllers have since taken over the scene. Digital controllers provide increased accuracy and far less moving mechanical parts than older mechanical controllers. If you notice that the digital display does not read properly, you may want to try adjusting the settings.

If adjusting the settings proves useless, call a lawn sprinkler repair Weirton, WV specialist to assist you. A professional can identify problems with the controller to get it back in working order. In some instances, it is possible to repair the controller. However, there are also situations where you might have to replace the controller entirely. Fortunately, controller repair and replacement are both relatively easy jobs that should only take a couple of hours at most. For irrigation controller repair Weirton, WV or replacement, please contact us.

Irrigation Valves Weirton, WV

Irrigation Valve Repair Weirton, WVDo you need irrigation valve repair Weirton, WV? Whereas the controller is the “brain” of your irrigation system, the valve is the “heart,” and the plumbing lines are the “veins” that carry life-giving water to your lawn. If your controller is in working order, you may need to take a closer look at the irrigation valve. The type of valve you have may vary, but the problems are likely to remain the same.

For example, you may have a valve that refuses to open. The problem may or may not have something to do with the valve. When a valve does not open, it could indicate the following:

  • Problems with field wiring
  • Issues with the solenoid (for solenoid activated valves only)
  • Interrupted water supply
  • Broken head (in valve zone)
  • Busted pipe (in valve zone)

Check to see if you notice any water leaking from the head valves, which could indicate a head break. Also, inspect your lawn for any areas or zones that look moist and flooded when they shouldn’t. Flooded areas of your lawn might mean that you have a busted pipe. Contact a lawn sprinkler repair Weirton, WV professional immediately. A busted pipe could end up costing you a pretty penny on wasted water.

A valve that refuses to open is frustrating enough, but a valve that refuses to close is far more troublesome because water runs continuously into your yard. Make sure you reach out to an expert if you notice that your valve will not close. A valve that remains open could also cause financial distress. Contact Bro’s Handyman Service for your valve repair or replacement needs in Weirton, West Virginia.

Another problem you might face is that of a weeping valve. A weeping valve is a valve that seemingly closes but continues to “weep” or leak a small amount of water. Inspect your valves regularly to see if they leak water. If you notice any leaking water around your valves, they are likely in need of repair or replacement. Contact Bro’s Handyman Service for irrigation valve repair Weirton, WV.

Sprinkler Heads and Pipes Weirton, WV

Sprinkler Head Repair Weirton, West VirginiaIf both the controller and valves seem as though they are in working order, the problem might be related to your sprinkler head or the pipes for the system. Although the pipes lay underground, a professional is not likely going to have to tear apart your yard to perform lawn sprinkler repair services Weirton, WV. In fact, a professional can typically narrow down where the problem exists and go from there.

Once narrowed down, a professional will then dig up part of the yard to access the damaged pipe or pipes. Sprinkler heads are much simpler to fix because they stick up out of the ground. There are different types of heads that your system might use. Head types may consist of rotors, fixed sprays, or even micro sprays. Rotors water a larger area than fixed sprays and micro sprays, which means your system will require fewer heads.

Keep in mind that the cost of lawn sprinkler repair in Weirton, WV will depend on the size and type of system you have. Larger, more complicated systems will cost you more than smaller, simpler systems. Either way, a damaged sprinkler system is not something you should ignore. Aside from costing a significant amount of money, the damaged system could potentially ruin your lawn.